Do you prefer onboard, PCI, or USB network adapters like Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi?


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I prefer a PCI based Expansion card for Wired Ethernet Network or Wi-Fi because they seem to offer the most features, and I can pick the fastest PCI card for my needs. They also can look kind of cool .

I agree. You can't go wrong with PCI based Expansion cards for Wired Ethernet Networks.

Which are the features that the other ones are missing, in your opinion?

I read on different articles that PCI network cards have a separate processor on the network card, so the PCI network card will not rely as much on the CPU on your motherboard, so users may experience faster computer speeds when doing intensive tasks.

Some PCI Ethernet cards also come with 2 or more ports which is useful if you need to two different wired network or internet connections.

The picture of the network card I posted has a USB port on the Network card which seem useful for PC's without a lot of empty USB ports.

There are also PCI Ethernet cards with cooling systems like a passively cooled heatsink on the chip with the moving air from the exhausts fans inside the computer case and PC powersupply.

I think the most useful feature of PCI network ports is that it is reliable, and gets it electricity from the PCI expansion slot, or PCI-X expansion slot on newer desktops. PCI cards are also directly connected to the motherboard on a desktop computer, so its connection can be more reliable than a USB connection which can get disconnected if someone unplugs the USB to Ethernet adapter, or there is the problem with the USB hardware or software drivers installed in Windows or Linux.