Do you think mostly rich people buy High Quality external USB battery chargering packs?


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I think mostly richer people with more power hungry devices like iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPad Pro, and other expensive phones and tablets will be more likely to buy a higher quality external wireless battery charger pack to extend their battery life, so their devices last for most of the day. People who own iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S7, and other expensive phones are probably more likely to use their phones for a longer amount of time.

Users with cheaper smartphone or tablet sometimes have better battery life because cheaper smartphones and tablets have slower CPUs, lower resolution and smaller size screens like 4 inch 800x480P screens, fewer features and less RAM which use less power because their device is not use as much power as high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S7 with a lot of RAM, and a fast Processor and Video chip.

Plus, poor people maybe less likely to spend $50-100 on a high quality external wireless battery charger pack made by Mophie and other popular battery brands because of not having enough money for more important things like food, gas, electricity, etc.
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Can't say, I'm not rich :p