Do you think PC Games recorded to a Disc will be popular again?


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I think PC games on a disc are unlikely to be popular in the near future. There maybe a chance that PC games on a disc be popular again when the file size of the games are in the hundreds of GBs or multiple TBs in the future.

If ISPs like Comcast and some Canadian Internet Service Prividers keep enforcing bandwidth limits like 300GB or 150GB of bandwidth a month, and raising the price of buying more bandwidth, PC games may sell better on Disc again like when most people used dial-up and 1 Mbps and slower internet connections.

I think when PC Games are made in 4K with 4K video cutscenes, there maybe more people who want to buy PC games on a disc because of the large download size, and long amount of time needed to download a 4K game on a 10 mbps or slower connection.
Do they still do demo disks?

But not sure if they would considering Steam's grasp on digital gaming.
Benefits of disc's that if you lost your drive or hard drive crashes or whatever you have the disc to install without downloading again. Benefits that your internet might go down for a couple of hours or days. Other hand that some games, 68% of them requires internet to activate and still have to download the rest of the data.

I brought Wolf the new order, with 5 disc's to install 80gb. Anyway I used all disc's and install around 40gb and I had to download the rest.

GTAV is lucky with 8 disc's set box