Do you think the older Style IDE/Ribbion Hard drive data cable more Reliable and Durable?


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Yes, I find the older IDE Ribbon Style Data hard drive cable more reliable and durable. The cable connectors and cable seem very hard to accidentally break. I owned many computers with IDE Ribbon computer cables over the years, and never had a problem with them coming loose from the motherboard inside the computer, or randomly breaking.


I only owned one computer with the newer SATA cable connector type, and I notice it sometimes gets loose from the motherboard, and causes data transfer problems, and random crashes until I un-plug the cable, and re-install it. The connectors on SATA cables, and the red cable seem less durable.

I find ribbons hard to get around though as they are both sturdy and stiff.

I agree they are pretty hard to get around since they are not very flexible. Ribbons also can make working inside a smaller PC more difficult because they can take up a lot of space.
I have been playing around with hardware for years, I build for a living. I rather have SATA because it's not big and bogey, you have more space to have more connections where as IDE have two if you are lucky enough :grin: IDE takes strength to pull out and in the slots specially the new ones. IDE is not easy to tire up, isn't nicely neat either.
SATA is more faster with higher speeds and performance, specially my Asus PX79 deluxe motherboard.

Hay guys don't forget that SATA didn't came around with the idea of IDE. Even printers used IDE. And for those that build desktop computer with clear though slide panels on case, then you definitely don't want to see wires.

IDE is no longer the future, it's the past
Not to mention gather dust.

I agree the flat IDE cables gather dust more easily. But, I never really have dust problems with IDE cables because I clean the inside of my computer case a few times a year, and my computer case is bigger, and good air flow with a front, and back fan which seems to make dust exit the case easier.

There are rounded IDE cables which solves the dust, stiff, and space problems. Rounded IDE cables are also pretty sturdy, and maybe more sturdy because of the thicker rubber casing/sleeve which protects the cable from damage like stabbing the cable with a screwdrivers.

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