Does anyone play King of Thieves?


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Just a curious question. There's a whole subreddit dedicated to the game. It's a game where you play a little blocky thief and parkour around dungeon traps to get to treasure. Each person has their own dungeon they set up traps to guard their own treasure. It's a really fun game and can be time consuming (which is actually the reason I stopped playing for a few weeks now).
Sounds like a mario maker type game?
Sounds like a mario maker type game?

Now to think of it, it kind of is like a Mario Maker type game except the whole level/dungeon is the entire screen (it doesn't move). As I said, each person starts the game with their own dungeon where you can place different traps to prevent other players from reaching your treasure (either gold or gems). The gold in the game is used to upgrade traps, costumes, attributes (eg. increase gold/steal) etc... The main treasure you want though are the gems, because it increases your ranking and places you in different leagues. Your aim is to get a higher ranking and eventually becomes the "King of Thieves". Of course, if someone successfully raids your dungeon and steals your gems, then your ranking goes down. You're also given keys because each dungeon (either in the story mode or other players) have a number of locks on their dungeons and you have to unlock each lock until you find the right lock to gain access to the dungeon. It can be a very time consuming game because your dungeon has a limited capacity to upgrade gems (which increases your rank) and once that capacity is reached, you have to move to a new and different dungeon layout where you have to set up your traps again. I once spent 2 hours editing my traps in my dungeon because I kept on finding flaws. The point of setting your traps is that you want anyone who's raiding your dungeon to have a difficult time in timing their parkour jumps and fall into your traps (which decreases their health and decreases the reward they receive in the end if they can successfully raid your dungeon).

TL;DR: Just see the trailer video.

Hadn't heard of it before. Sounds like a really cool game, especially with building your own dungeon with traps. Just looked it up on the Play store. Will be downloading it now, will report back in a few days with what I think of it so far!
There are costumes in this game that can be very frustrating to get. Although they do look cool. I had my blocky thieve guy wear a unicorn mask once that showed a rainbow stream behind him when you moved.
I don't have it on my phone, but rather, I play it on my brother's phone and I love it! It's freaking hard though (especially since it takes a long time for me to get the timing of the traps and even when I get it on my mind, my hand seemingly does not coordinate with me, lol). Once I get a new phone with bigger memory, I'll totally download it :) (Now I can't wait for my brother to come home for me to borrow his phone XD)
I used to play it, but that and clash of clans took up my entire life so i had to stop them both before I fell into some major trouble.