Donkey Kong Country

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Not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of this game or the series. I played it a few years ago for the first time and I loved some of it, but then I got to a stage, I don't know the name, but it was a mine cart stage and then it was all down hill from there and I never picked up 2 or 3. I did play DKC Returns for an elderly lady at work because there was a stage she wanted me to beat so I had to play the whole game until world 6. I did like that game a lot more, even if I found the silhouette stages to be... ugly.

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I played the port for GBA and I spent a ton of time on it and got the High Score on the Funky's Fishing minigame. Oh those were the days. I still remember how it goes and always got a ton of points from the crabs on the floor. I also played Returns but I really like the GBA DKC port more for it's music and unique difficulty curve that wasn't as hard and extra features.


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I love Donkey Kong Country. I grew up playing this game as a kid on the SNES. It's a classic and a lot of fun while offering a decent challenge as well. I had it for the GBA as well but I really enjoyed it on the SNES as a kid growing up. I never completed the game but I remember getting pretty far in it.