PC/Mobile Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sales Hit 2.5 Million 11 Days After Launch


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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a big hit for Capcom, selling 2.5 million copies across PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S in just 11 days.

The sprawling action role-playing game went on sale on March 22. Capcom announced Dragon’s Dogma 2 had passed 2.5 million sold on April 2. Total Dragon’s Dogma franchise sales have now exceeded 10 million units, Capcom added.

To put Dragon’s Dogma 2’s sales into context, it took the first Dragon’s Dogma game a month to sell 1.05 million units after it went on sale at the end of May 2012, a tally Capcom declared a success.

“Capcom carried out various global-facing promotional activities with the aim of attracting not only long-time fans of the series but newcomers as well, including the launch of a free application that let users create their player avatars prior to the game’s release, as well as in-game pawns made in collaboration with celebrities in various countries and Japanese national athletes,” Capcom said.

Source: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sales Hit 2.5 Million 11 Days After Launch - IGN

2.5 million is sales is a nice accomplishment! Especially in 11 days.
That is pretty good.
Congrats to Dragon’s Dogma 2 team for hitting 2.5 Million copies after 11 Days After Launch.