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E3 is getting closer and closer, this year it kicks off on June 14th through the 16th and as always Gamingforce Gaming Latest will bring you all the news there is about it! Though maybe a bit slower due to change of job for me over the summer (no vacation to take on this week).

To the point, every year the question is asked. Is E3 relevant? This year so far the following publishers: EA, Wargaming, Disney and Activision will have little to no presence at the show but that is no cause for alarm. To the relevant question, its asked ever year:

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E3 may not be as big as it once was, but make no mistake it's still the place for the biggest surprises of the year and this year Nintendo may rule with the NX.
The "Is E3 relevant?" articles are just click-bait, really. The answer is always yes, but hey, it's slow up until E3, so let's put somethin out.