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On Sunday, two competitive esports players appeared to get hacked during a live-streamed game, prompting the organizers to postpone the tournament.

Players were competing in the Apex Legends Global Series, a competitive esports tournament for the popular shooter game Apex Legends, which has a $5 million total prize pool.

During two separate games, two different players suddenly gained cheats in the middle of their matches.

In the video, it’s clear that at one point — abruptly — Genburten starts seeing other players highlighted on the map, even those behind walls. This is what is called “wallhack,” essentially a cheat that allows hackers to see opponents through in-game obstacles.

Following these hacks, the organizers of the tournament announced they were suspending and postponing the tournament.

“Due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised, we have made the decision to postpone the [North America] finals at this time. We will share more information soon,” announced the official Apex Legends Esports account on X.

It's a joke they offer money at all. Someone is willing to justify hacking over it.
I am not surprised, people hack games all the time, it was just a matter of time before they started hacking esports. If you ask me you have to be a sad lonely person to hack a game to make yourself feel good.
The era of hacking and cheating in games needs to be addressed. Every time I see a study it shows 30%+ of active players are cheating and anti-cheats are not only incredibly bad at their job, but the 2-day to 2-week temp bans given to players are even worse. Pretty much every major esports game studio has shown they would rather have the chance of a hacker buying a microtransaction than create a competitive ecosystem for players.

The cheating cycle is simple, make 3-5 accounts. cheat as much as you want, get temp banned on the first account after a day or two and by the time all the accounts are temp banned, the first account is unbanned. I'm not against temp bans for many offenses, but when players are clearly using software or hardware designed to cheat IN THAT GAME then a temp ban is simply dumb.