Fierce mini contest 2: Name of the Game is Gamingforce


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So I've been thinking over some ideas for the next contest and came up with something interesting.

So this game is pretty simple, all you have to do is type out the word 'Gamingforce' (no '') on another website as you make a blog post or forum post or whatever kind of post. And you can't just throw it into a random sentence, the word needs to flow with the text. Here are some examples:

Yeah I was talking to a guy on Gamingforce about how you beat this game....

Yeah I herd on Gamingforce this game will come out on this date.....

I read on Gamingforce that this turn out to be a fake rumor.....

Something along those lines. You don't put the actual link, just the text. Once you made the post, directly link to that post here in this topic below. Just edit your post with the links as you gain them.

The one with the most links by April 27th 11:59 PM CST wins.

1st place winner gets 6 points added to their score.

2nd and 3rd place gets 1,500 shards.

Good luck everyone.