First forum you joined?


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I've been on a lot of forums, but I can remember that the first forum that I joined to be Forum wheel and Postloop after 2 months. That is as far back as 2015. Can you remember the first forum that you joined?
The Nintendo 3DS Community Forum. What a generic title.
It was DS Ultimate (RIP) which was run by my old friend CM30 CM30! This was all the way back in 2007 or 2008!

...Actually, that's a lie! The ABSOLUTE FIRST FORUM I joined was the Gameshark forums back in 2004-2005, but that one doesn't really count! DS Ultimate was first REAL forum that I was active on!
The very first forum I joined, was the community forum for a text based MMORPG game I started playing when I was 10 or 11. The game is still active, but it switched hands on who owned it, and the forum in question is no longer hosted on the website that owned it. It was for the game, Utopia: A World Unlike Any Other.
Oh wow! I honestly cannot remember! Been 20 some years since I started on forums. Before I found forums, it was MSN Chat via Webtv. I didn't know of forums then lol
I'd guess though the first forum was liken to a General Forum, to meet people & make friends.
Honestly, I can't remember the first forum I joined because it's been more than 26 years when I started using forums. All I can remember is that one of the forum's back then was a gaming forum or something or sort. I was in another music forum which I can't remember the name either.
A wrestling e-fed one in like...2008 lol.
it was an old one that surrounded the world of 'neopets'. It was a simple yet fun time, but as I got older, I stopped.

Now I'm here for gaming related stuff, feeling thankful I found this forum! haha
There must have been a lot of discussion on the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 game back then on the forum. I hope you played the game.

I did play the game but back then '09 was out. Plus it was a text based efed.
No idea what year it would have been but it was a Club Penguin fan forum that was run on Forumotion. I think it was called something like Club Penguin Planet