Forum Game: Count to 1,000,000!


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Title says it all.
To actually achieve the goal will be more than just posting. You need to put substance into your posts, and not just pictures of water (Courtesy of DL)
So, this is the (4th or 5th) General Chat topic.

5th post wins -20th place
50th post wins -19th place
120th post wins -18th place
190th post wins -17th place
230th post wins -16th place
500th post wins -15th place
1000th post wins -14th place
1200th post wins -13th place
1400th post wins -12th place
1600th post wins -11th place
1800th post wins -10th place
2000th post wins -9th place
10,000th post wins - 8th place
50,000th post wins - 7th place
100,000th post wins - 6th place
250,000th post wins - 5th place
500,000th post wins - 4th place
750,000th post wins - 3rd place
999,999th post wins - 2nd place
1,000,000 post wins - 1st place
Let's start.

It's abit akward to start this, isn't it?
Hmmmmmm........... 2. It's pretty obvious this thing will be locked before it gets finished. That's if this topic is lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets locked today or tommorow. Anyways. The 3DS better come out before May 17. It's gonna be my birthday present. How will you get it? Birthday, buy it, Christmas?
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-DS Won't be my B-day present, because it's just around the corner, ho boy.
Doesn't it take, like, 13 days to count to a million, assuming you're counting a number a second?
7. It won't be hard. It'll just take forever and will probably get locked before we get to 100. If not then 300 with 500 tops.
9. Wrong topic new guy. Also your posts must contain substance. So let's chat or something. Do you like squirrels new guy?
14. counting cant be hard...
I think this needs to die.
Field Marshal Ouromov is just gonna spam & flood this thread to death by himself anyway. Let's leave him to it..
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It is incorrect grammar to type digits for a number rather than letters if it below 100, I believe.