Freemium Games


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Freemium games are games that offer a limited free version and you will have to pay in order to access higher levels. I like Freemium games because I can play for free and if I really like the game I can upgrade my account. This is better than buying paid games and later being disappointed because the game was not very good. What do you think?
I enjoy playing freemium games as well because they are free to play, and I can buy virtual items and in-game money if I feel the virtual items are worth it.
Charging for games in general only works in the indie market. Everything else should be free unless it's exclusive for the limited time on new consoles that cannot be emulated by the person buying them.
How many levels do you normally get for these until it's required you pay? Is it enough to actually lure you into wanting more of the game?

I'd probably give it a shot, but I doubt I would want to pay later on. I think it would have to be an amazing idea of a game to convince me that they need me to pay in order to continue playing.
There has only been a few games where I actually bought the full version to play. Usually it is because it is a city builder of some sort, and I do tend to like those, as i can come back in finish objectives whenever I have the free time to focus on them.

Otherwise, if the game catches my eye and I've tried it out or watched others play it, I will purchase it without going through the process of doing a test run on the game.