News French Institution Bans English Words Like esports


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For centuries now, the Académie Française has basically overseen the entire French language, being responsible for everything from grammar to publishing French dictionaries to acting as the “official authority on the language”. An important part of that role in recent decades has been to ward off the slow invasion of slang and jargon from the English-speaking world, which the French people have been increasingly exposed to through film, music, TV and now video games.

As The Guardian reports, that has extended this week to a “ban” on the use of certain gaming-adjacent words that are popular not just in English-speaking countries but around the world. The Académie can’t outlaw the use of the words in everyday speech, or even in the media, that’s not within their powers or their intent, but the ban is now “binding on government workers”, which means that when speaking on the topic or preparing papers, French officials need to find different ways of saying words like “esports”.

In that case, it’s now the far less catchy “jeu video de competition”. Cloud gaming becomes “jeu video en nuage”, pro gamer is “joueur professionnel” and a streamer should be referred to as a “joueur-animateur en direct”.

They must be happy that it's only for the government works. Marketing teams around France would have been stressed if they had to try and fit "jeu video de competition" and "joueur-animateur en direct" in their promotions.
Nothing that very tiny text can't do.
Except be legible to the able seeing person.

I feel like the French government wants to live in this tiny country of imagination where they can only write words they want to read instead of challenging themselves to be like the rest of the world.