Friday the 13th: The Game – Resurrected


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The multiplayer slasher Friday the 13th: The Game came to a sad end back in 2018, with legal issues bringing about the death of any new content for the game. The servers were eventually shut down and the game was delisted, with the team at Gun Interactive moving on to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game that is still going strong seven months after its release.

But horror fans don’t ever let anything die, and a group of them have gotten together to resurrect Friday the 13th: The Game with a modded build that will be available for free.

It’s titled Friday the 13th: The Game – Resurrected, and it’s intended to not only bring the game (unofficially) back to life but also add brand new playable content into the mix – including skins and characters from Jason X, the 2009 remake, and even fan films.

The team behind the fan-made build announced yesterday that the release date will be revealed on April 15, with Resurrected initially launching for PC. But they’ve noted in a series of response tweets that a console version of the mod is something they are currently considering.

Here are some quotes from the developers that provide further insights:

-“Everything from the base game is included; Savini Jason is included too!”
-“We will be hosting our own servers!”
-“It will get continuous updates post launch!”
-“All content that did not make it in the official game will be in our mod!”
-“You won’t need base game to enjoy our mod. The download will available in our discord server!”