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The first game pass drop has been announced, a new year must mean bigger games because we are getting some massive drops.

Starting with Close To The Sun, (which I made a thread for yesterday, oops), this walking simulation horror takes place on board the Helios, a mysterious ship filled with danger. Rose Archer has boarded this vessel in hopes of finding her sister, what awaits is yet to be known. Close To The Sun is playable today. The trailer has been posted beneath:

On January 4th, you can begin playing Hell Let Loose, a 100 player WW2 first person shooter. Since it'll be on console, cloud, and pc, you should be able to find 100 players at launch. The trailer is below:

Next up we have Assassin Creed Valhalla, dropping on January 9th on console, cloud, and pc. This Ubisoft game is everything you expect in a Ubisoft game, which means that if you like Assassin Creed, you probably already played this. I'll link the trailer below anyways, just to make this seem more professional.

Also on January 9th, Figment drops onto the service. I have never heard of this game, so I'll do us all a favor and drop the trailer below because I always want to give indies a chance.

Up next is Super Mega Baseball 4, releasing onto EA Play (which is included with Game Pass Ultimate), said to be a good game (I wouldn't know, I never played it) the game will go up to bat on console, cloud, and pc. The trailer is shown below.

On the same day, We Happy Few returns to Game Pass yet again. Since this game keeps joining and leaving Game Pass, I'll just post the trailer since everyone who was going to play it has already played it.

Resident Evil 2 Remake comes to the service on January 16th. This beloved classic shall soon be playable on console, cloud, and pc. Raccoon City awaits the people who haven't played this game. The trailer can be viewed below.

On the same day, Those Who Remain also gets added to the service. A horror game published by Wired Productions (who also published Close To The Sun) this experience might be scary, but it looks far too generic. My source is posted below.

Anyways that's all for now. As for what is leaving, the list is posted below.

January 5:
Grand Theft Auto V (Cloud and Console)

January 15:
Garden Story (Cloud, Console, and PC)
MotoGP 22 (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Persona 4 Golden (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Persona 3 Portable (Cloud, Console, and PC)

What are your thoughts? What will you play on this list, what will you be rushing to beat? And stay tuned for more game pass drops.
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It's not a bad list.