Gaming Latest Birthday Arcade Contest


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Before reading this, please read this topic: Joining the arcade and other info

Welcome to the very first arcade contest of GL v2! The objective is easy, play the games, rank high to get the needed points to out rank everyone else to win the prizes below:

1st place: $20 gift card to PSN/eshop/Live/Steam/Epic/amazon or paypal (minus any fees)

2nd place: 5,000 forum points

3rd place and below: 1,000 forum points.

The points for ranking:

1st place: 1,000
2nd place: 750
3rd place: 400

And the games to win at:

Dungeon Fury

Frog Jumper

Treasures of Atlantis

Good luck! Have fun! If you have any questions/issues please post below. This is the very first contest run, so hopefully there are no hiccups. The contest ends on August 31st 2019 and will close automatically.