GL Update 10/3


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It's a new month! It's candy month! And new updates for the Gaming Latest forums.

Welcome to another update GL folks, we are into the tenth month of the year. Not a whole lot to say this month but always good to show that we're active and there have been plenty of people posting! (thank you!). Any who time to get the update underway and as always we start with...

---- Of the Month ----

I will award this month to for his constant great posts around the forum.

Topic of the month goes to: @NameGervin for being top poster of the month! You've dethroned me again -_- but congrats! :) *eye twitches annoyed*

Topic of the month goes to:


---- The calm ----

Sorry to say folks that things are still stagnate, although! I will finally land a better job this coming month and that means more money! And more money means I can start on the forum upgrades! I hope to have a nice big update next month!

That's all for this update folks, thanks for posting on GL and to those of you who celebrate Halloween @WitchAssassin have a safe and joyful one!

Continue to enjoy the forum :)

---- Stats ----

We currently have 391,650posts and 7,066 members. In this last month we made over 3,093 posts! And gained 17 members.


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Congrats on managing to land a better Job!

Upgraded yourself with a VC 4 paratrooper enemy tech eh? lol


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Those stats are good. I wonder what we can expect when you upgrade the forum :p
We have almost everything here after all ^^