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    It's a new month! Root for Gaming Latest! And new updates for the Gaming Latest forums.

    Welcome everyone to the forth update of the year! Not much going on so lets just get the basics out of the way with....

    ---- Of the Month ----

    This month I decided to dedicate to @froggyboy604@froggyboy604 for his many great posts on the forum. Congrats! Topic of the month goes to: Would you take a million dollars to play a game?

    ---- Vote for Gaming Latest ----

    If you haven't been paying attention, GL is currently particpating in Forum Promotion's forum battle and we're currently in the third round battles! So please keep on voting for us here:

    Site Battle Madness 2019

    Thank you to all who have voted so far!

    ---- Site upgrade ----

    Things have been coming along nicely, currently working out the skins at this moment and gathering the addons. So big update next month! If not sooner, and maybe the revamp in May itself? Wait and see.

    That's all for this update folks, thanks for posting on GL and I hope you all have a great month. The weather is getting nicer out but don't let that stop you from gaming.

    Continue to enjoy the forum :)

    ---- Stats ----

    We currently have 402,943 posts and 7,201 members. In this last month we made over 1,659 posts! And gained 35 members.
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  2. froggyboy604

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    Thanks for the dedication.
  3. Claraviolet

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    That's great!
    I really hope the new members would stick around and I can't believe I fell for that April fool's day joke ._.
  4. Kita

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    We are looking toward the upgrade. It should be a great one. :)

    Neither can I. Totally forgot to check what day it is, lol.
  5. zoldos

    zoldos Lord Full GL Member

    Awesome!! Great job DS!

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