GL Update 7/1


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It's a new month! The heat is melting us here in the states! And new updates for the Gaming Latest forums.

Welcome to another update GL folks, we are into the seventh month of the year and we're pretty much over the hump as many major games will start to grace our consoles in the coming months. E3 is now over and we do have comic con this month but that really isn't gaming focused. Any who time to get the update underway and as always we start with...

---- Of the Month ----

I will award this month to @NameGervin for not only winning the E3 posting contest but making more posts than me! Congrats!

Topic of the month goes to:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

---- E3 2018 ----

Ahhh yes, E3 has once again come and gone like always. But do not be sad! E3 2019 has been planned and GL will cover it again next year! Till then stay active and enjoy our news coverage on Gamescom and TGS.

Thank you everyone for another great E3 :)

---- New Mods ----

I once again like to welcome @Mr Prince and @Kita as GL mods! Though a bit of a rough start I know they will do great!

---- E3 Contest ----

Once again like to congratulate NameGervin for winning the contest! I have the next contest planned as we near GamingLatest's 11th birthday!

---- The calm ----

So yeah, things will be a bit calm on here for a bit as I work on things on the back end to get GL upgraded to the better V2. Granted I haven't had a job upgrade yet that would be worthy of my degree yet so that is delaying things a bit but I do believe we will make the upgrade sometime around late winter of next year.

In the meantime please focus on keeping things active and drawing in new crowds to GL.

If you have any feedback here, good or bad, please post it here:

Gaming Latest Feedback

I welcome all feedback without judgement.

---- Lost of posts ----

Just a heads up we lost posts on two occasions in this last few weeks by a few, careless people with powers. We gained so much though that it don't matter much but still don't be alarmed if there is anything wrong with your post count. The most lost this time was related to our partnership with Gaming Reinvented which I always recommend checking out the blog content here:

Gaming Reinvented | Disrupting the gaming industry one article at a time!

That's all for this update folks, thanks for posting on GL and enjoy your summer and a happy 4th to all USA based members.

Continue to enjoy the forum :)

---- Stats ----

We currently have 384,114 posts and 6,991 members. In this last month we made over 4,290 posts! And gained 77 members.

Last year during E3 we made 3,603 posts, meaning this year we made 687 more posts! Truly outstanding! :D


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I would like to thank you for that exciting contest, it was fun and thrilling. I also would like to congratulate every winner and participant. May this community thrive more, I am glad to welcome all the new members. The new moderators are doing fine, they will improve more in the future. May this forum prosper more on it's upcoming birthday and on the V2 upgrade.
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Either way, Mr Demon was fated to lose the contest last month lol.


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Wow 4000+ posts is just awesome.
Way to go everyone. I was really busy so I had to drop out the contest, but it's so cool that everyone tried so hard!