Google And ASUS Team Up On A Router With A Nifty Twist


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Today, Google and ASUS announced that they’re working together on a version of OnHub which will run you $219.99, $20 more than Google’s original OnHub (TP-LINK).

Why the extra bucks for the ASUS build? Well, it does have a nifty new feature called “Wave Control,” which lets you speed up your Wi-Fi for a specific device by waving your hand over the top of it. Sounds like voodoo magic to me, but Google seems to think it works, so we’ll go with that.

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This does look like a good wifi router.

But, I feel the router/modem combo devices which comes from a users' internet service provider, and cheaper $20-100 routers bought from a store are good enough, and easy enough for most people to setup to get wifi.