Google Chrome extends support for Windows Vista


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Before, Google suggested that they'd be ending Chrome web browser support for Windows XP and Windows Vista this December. Now they've done (another) extension.

Google's most recent announcement (made today) suggests that they'll be ending Chrome support for Windows XP, Vista, and the Apple operating system versions Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. They're doing this because the platforms are "no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple." The end of support will begin in April of the year 2016.

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This is good news for Windows Vista, and Google Chrome that it will be supported until April 2016.
I wonder why they extended? Still has a high fan base?
Ending support for Chrome one year before Microsoft ends the support for Vista seems a little unprofessional of Google, in my opinion.

I agree, it is disappointing that Google is ending support 1 year earlier than Microsoft. Hopefully, Google will still occasionally release updates when there is a very dangerous security problem for Chrome for Vista after support has end like how Microsoft release an update to fix the HeartBleed Security problem in Windows XP after support has end.