Google Chrome OS/Chromebook Tablet made by Acer appeared at Bett 2018


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Acer tablet running Chrome OS was discovered at Bett 2018, an annual trade show in the U.K. about marketing information technology in education.

On first sight, it looks to have a ~10-inch display size, and the desktop shows the touchscreen Chrome OS user interface.

Chrome OS Tablet made by Acer appeared at Bett 2018

Hopefully, this tablet comes with a keyboard, or the keyboard is affordable to buy.

I can see this tablet being useful for people who don't like the browsers available for Android, and iOS because there are fewer add-ons available for them compared to Google Chrome for PC and Chrome OS.

But, I think most people would be fine with a Google Android tablet like the Nvidia Shield tablet, and Amazon Fire tablet.
Not sure why but I'm not a big fan of the Acer products. They seem kind of cheap.

I agree Acer products look cheap, but they are usually more reliable than lesser known generic brands like RCA and used computers which are cheaper to buy. There are some Acer users who manage to use their Acer computers for many years. Some of Acer's gaming PC and laptops look good. You also pay slightly less money than buying a PC from Dell, HP, and Asus with similar specs.

I think Acers are popular with people who don't want to risk having their laptop stolen when using them at college or a library. A robber is less likely to steal an Acer which has a lower used price than an Apple laptop.

But, they still need a reliable laptop or tablet for school or work, and rather save a little money, and hope their cheap Acer computer does not break within the next few years.