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The World Cyber Games (WCG) recently uploaded a couple of videos on their YouTube channel promoting good manners for the players, as well as our fellow gamers, to follow whenever we play a game.

The series of videos is titled “Got Manners?” and WCG currently has two videos regarding player etiquette or proper gaming behavior. Pro Warcraft III players and WCG 2019 Grand Finalists “Moon” and “Lawliet” from South Korea were used as models for this campaign.

The first video shows LawLiet “cursing” foul language while playing. Before he could “say” something worse, a warning interrupts reminding players to watch their language and avoid saying hurtful things while gaming.

The second video shows Moon having a ragequit in his game. As he is about to smash his keyboard, a warning shows up to remind players to keep their cool so as to avoid the destruction of property. The video ends with Moon and LawLiet holding their keyboards on their arms and putting up a smile on their face.

I’m sure WCG will be uploading more videos like this in the future. But it all comes down to one message: “Manners maketh good players.” Avoiding toxicity and having good manners while playing will give you more positive energy and the motivation that you need to win.

Watch the videos here:
LawLiet cursing -
Moon keyboard smash -

What do you think? What are other things that a player must do to maintain good conduct?


I've seen WCG's new projects on their website. They are promoting future sports based on technology, it will be good if they push to influence all their audience to have a good manners while gaming. It will be a great impact in the gaming community tho