PS5 Gran Turismo 7

Looks pretty good and I'm excited to see what it is like. I'll probably wait until the price drops though. I just don't want to pay the full price for a racing game that I might get bored of after a few months.
Can't wait till you can't tell the difference between game and reality lol.
I'm actually a very big fan of Gran Turismo games because I have played them all. But I'm yet to get the GT 7 because my pattern of purchase is wait 3 months before getting their games.
Message From Kaz Hirai:
So glad I bought this game... but for ps4. haha, still good to me though
I might need to give this a go though I generally much prefer arcade style racers. The graphics are amazing!
Started playing it yesterday and it does seem very good, going to take up a lot of my time!
It's a very decent game. I knew you were going to love it. Did you ever get to any of the previous GT games?
I think I played the original on PS1 all those years ago, it was impressive even back then.
It was an old classic game on Playstation 1. It was just like how good Burnout 3 : Takedown was on Playstation 2 back in 2004.