Granblue Fantasy

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Starting with Relink, we learn that the game has over 100 sidequests that can be played both solo or in 4-player co-op. Characters can be customized via a variety of skills, weapons, and sigils.

Cygames confirmed that the game focuses on a new story to serve as an entry point into the franchise, but it's still related to the story of the original mobile game. Asked whether it'll be complete out of the box or there will be updates like a live service title, the developers mentioned that Relink will ship as a complete package, but will be extra endgame content to be added for those who have completed the story.

The game flow involves purchasing and upgrading gear and accepting side quests at towns, traveling to destinations and training on the Grandcypher, and progressing through the story and fighting enemies in linear maps that feature a wide variety of locations. That being said, while some areas can be cleared quickly, others feature sprawling environments with plenty of room for exploration.

You can switch between Gran and Djeeta at any time as the captain, and the story will start with five crew members, Katalina, Rackham, Io, Eugen, and Rosetta. The rest can be recruited by progressing through the story in whatever order the player likes.

Speaking of characters, a new playable one has been revealed, and it's Ferry. In Japanese, she's voiced by Madoka Yonezawa as usual, while in English, she's voiced by Cristina Vee. Her role is support with buffs, crowd control, and healing, but she can also deal damage via her pets.

Unfortunately, we did not get a release date yet, but development is close to complete and more details are coming in August.
New character Reveal Video:
New info coming :

During the livestream from Tokyo, producer Yuito Kimura announced that the event will be aired on September 16 at 6:00 pm Japan time, and it'll provide both a recap of the information about the games alongside new details.
Yep around TGS 2023.
Latest gameplay video:
more Tales of Arise rather than Xenoblade Chronicles.
Boss Battles trailer:

1 hour+ gameplay nice, soMc Gran is fully voiced and not the standard silent jrpg protag:
The first 7 episodes of the anime is free to watch on youtube until Feb 4 2024

Did I see some kind of MHA cross over with this series as well?
The mobile game version I believe and also a crossover with 2B Nier.

New gameplay Video: