HARM: Weather Warfare Announced for PC


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Developer/publisher Aurora Studios has announced HARM: Weather Warfare, a new story-driven first-person survival game in which you play a father who must save his daughter amidst a slew of devastating, unpredictable, and unseasonable weather anomalies. And to make matters worse, you'll have to battle a deranged cult that's taken over the abandoned HARM base. It's due out in Steam Early Access later this year. Check out the reveal trailer (with actual gameplay) above, and the first batch of screenshots in the gallery below.

Aurora describes the player's situation as the game begins: "The cabin where they were supposed to stay burned down with all their equipment, and the car was destroyed. They are forced to create makeshift shelter, search for food, and face an uneven battle with the unpredictable forces of nature. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the nearby mountain emits unusual electromagnetic waves that strongly resonate with water molecules and living creatures, causing not only local weather anomalies, but also changes in the behavior of both humans and animals."

You'll need to hunt, fish, and try to sleep, among other things, while Mother Nature throws all sorts of deadly and unexpected hurdles at you. And, again, you've got the cultists that have taken over the abandoned HARM base to contend with as well.
Sounds interesting enough.
It is worth mentioning here that it is the various weather anomalies that can be our biggest challenge.

As for the already mentioned features of this game, it is said about :

Fight for life - do everything to save yourself and your daughter from death in the wilderness forgotten by the world. Fight for survival using all available means, while letting yourself be carried away by a storyline that conveys universal values such as love, trust and sacrifice.

Military Secrets - The abandoned HARM base hides secrets that may allow you to escape the clutches of death. Be aware, however, that the insane cult that has nurtured the mystical phenomenon of the mysterious mountain over the years deals ruthlessly with intruders.

Improvise - exploring the cut-off area you will come across useful tools, equipment and materials. Build, create and combine items in such a way as to create things that will help you in your further trek and uneven fight against the forces of nature.

Hunt and fight - the need to survive forces people to do things they would never otherwise do. In HARM Weather Warfare you will not only have to hunt and fish for food, but also come face to face with incalculable cultists

.How much can a person endure? - a complex set of player statistics consists of such indicators as hunger, thirst, body wetness, lack of sleep or hypothermia, which is designed to fully illustrate the hardship of the struggle for survival in extremely hostile conditions.

With shivers down your spine, the dynamically changing weather conditions and realism-focused visuals make the struggle for survival and the discovery of the next pages of the story reminiscent of action movies.