Have you ever re-sold your old Gaming PC or Gaming parts like videocards on eBay?


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No, I have not re-sold my old gaming pc, or gaming parts on eBay.

But, I think if you upgrade your video card often to play newer games in 4K, it could be a good idea to sell your older video card to get some of your money back rather than re-using the video card on a older regular desktop computer where most home user would mostly use the PC for watching video, web browsing, basic video editing, and word processing where the onboard video on CPU on most cheaper Intel processors like the Celeron, i3 and older Core2Dou will work good enough for basic tasks.
I should start thinking about selling my old laptop, a little extra money wouldn't hurt.
I should start thinking about selling my old laptop, a little extra money wouldn't hurt.

I agree a little extra money does not hurt, and the person buying the laptop will also save money by not needing to pay as many taxes, and paying less money for a used laptop.

If you live in a small home, selling a few old computers and laptops can help you save some space in your room.
Never on ebay but I do among friends and friends of friends.
Never tried to sell any gaming stuff on eBay cause I haven't tried eBay tho
Not on ebay, i had sold several hardware to my friends. Its not bad if you sell a hardware or a set as long as its working properly. There are times that you need an upgrade specially on HDD,SSD and VGA just because there is a new version out in the market. But if you think about saving a little you can try selling the old hardware for a cheaper price specially to friends and gamer's alike. You can save some cash and at the same time help friends.