Have you played games as a group recently?

Joshua Farrell

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Not many of my family and friends will play games together in person, unless we are already doing stuff as a family or as a group for a week or more. Have any of you done game playing with your family or friends, together recently? The last time I had a number of people at the house playing games, was when my oldest brother and his family was over. Had fun picking stuff to do together, as we had the free time in between family events, to play something together.
I don't have many friends and family who are into gaming, or come over to my home to game, so it is rare for me to play games as a group in real life.

I also rarely go to arcades or gaming cafe, so it is also rare for me to play games with strangers in a group setting.
Most of the time when I play FIFA games, I played it in a group with my friends. We play it in turns in a tournament we hosted. There are other games we play together but FIFA is the one which keeps bringing us together to play.