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My name is Nick Jonathan.

I am 17 years old and I live in Greece.

I am currently working as Global Community Manager at MountainWheel Games and I love my job.

Below you can read all the fields I am specialized at. Meaning - I got at least 2 year(s) experience.

I want to UNDERLINE that I love the Gaming Industry and I always find ways to combine enjoyment with work.

Fields of Knowledge (part of them)
• Marketing (3+ years experience) [Marketing term varies on a case by case basis. In this case, I have more of Internet Marketing experience.)

• Creative Strategist (2+ years experience) [It is explained in my resume.]

• Web Design (2+ years experience) [I have designed two Social Networks that I have launched in my local area. I have abandoned both projects as I started working on Marketing field]

• Global Community Management (3+ years experience)

• Recruitment (2+ years experience) - Former TGN Recruiter


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Welcome to the forum sir, I must say I've always wanted to visit Greece. What is it like there? It seems like a great place. And with that kind of experience you have quite a lot to offer to this forum which will hopefully pay off. Good luck with whatever you plan on doing here!