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  1. Theremy

    Theremy New Member

    Hello everyone, Im new here, and would like to try to join a 'looks interesting' community.
    I got an opportunity to buy a 3DS not long ago finally and hope to find nice people to share anything here [​IMG]
    Lets say,
    my nickname is Theremy (taken from one of my favourite musical instrument),
    call me whatever you like, and as for the time being i wont reveal my real one here but later it will be revealed for sure xD

    to make it short,
    I am a nintendo fan since the first NES it was about 20 years ago or more? i dont know exactly, lol
    My life time favourite Game is Super Mario World (SNES)

    I will probably rarely post (not sure, since i'm not good at initiate a convo), but I might be around.
    so, thats all for now, hope we can have fun together here [​IMG]
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  2. KirbyZ

    KirbyZ New Member

    Hi and welcome to N3DSC! ^_^ Good to see another classic player. Enjoy your stay and have fun.
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