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Welcome and salutations to a forum that has stood the test of time for over 14 years! As owner and administrator of this grand forum, I have chronicled all of this site's history that you can read below.

This is the history of Gamingforce, Edge Gamer and Gaming Latest.


This site is not the first one to be made but rather the 6th one in its generation.

Many years ago, I, Demon_skeith spent most of my time on a forum called G4 (apart of the G4 tv network) when a member on the G4 boards called Zero invited me to a forum called Gamingforce. I deiced to join it and it was alright for a while and I had no idea what host or software it was on at the time. Soon after Zero moved it to Proboards and from that we got a few good members like @ubertrance and experienced our first spam attack which I quickly put the ban hammer on and sent those fools packing (which funny story was a bunch of porn that I had to clean up while my parents were in the room). After a while we weren't doing so good so Zero moved the board again to IPBfree forums (which no longer exists and thank god we got off of it before its doomsday shutdown).

It was turning out all right, we got a few active members and the forum turned out pretty good. Until Zero could no longer do forums and closed down the site. By now I was attached to GF and managed to get a hold of Zero and asked him to transfer control to me which he did. I got control and for the next few weeks I was a noob in the ACP, which as a beginner I had to learn everything there was which of course I made mistakes and managed to learn from them. Thanks to ubertrance we got the lovable and mad arcade player @Seaofclouds. Due to a mistake I made with a skin, GF got the valuable admin of coding Cloud( @Stosh ), further on GF got more value members like Taylor who helped me understand skins and was good with GFX.

After Stosh made me admin on his Fire Emblem forum which was on Jcink service, and I saw that it was like IPBfree but minus the credits needed to use its features. I deiced to pack up GF and move it once more to Jcink hosting which was the best thing I did despite losing content in the process.

With Gamingforce now on Jcink and completely made with my ideals instead of Zero's, GF was quickly become successful by getting highly valued members like MisterKalas ( @Spiritwarrior ), Typewriter and others. GF did start to slow down a bit and people came and left without making much posts but now GF is getting many regular members a day which has brought us to this 1 year mark.

---End of first history---

With the forum getting on in years, we neared our 3rd anniversary with more people come and gone and GF expanded in every-way it could by going onto twitter, youtube ect. I believe these were the years that the forum began to slow down a lot rather badly. To a point I thought about closing it down for good as weeks would go by where no one was coming on at all, leaving just me to post. But I decided against that knowing a lot of time was put in the forum and I would continue to run it so long as a few members came by every now and then even though there were days where it was just me.

By this time in the year 2010 our Jcink hosting was good but experiencing many problems such as slowness and other things from constant DDoS attacks. After a meeting with joshua(Stosh), I had convinced myself to put down the money for both the software and the hosting to move Gamingforce to the latest IPB software and its own hosting where we began to expand in many areas and be able to provide things we previously could not.

As we neared our 4th anniversary, I was still experimenting with what having our own forum software could do and have added some neat features. But by now the forum seem to have settled on a core base of 10 members with high daily traffic and yet still not reaching the activity I wished. Even after adding a console repair affiliate, which in the end fell though, that did not help boost things.

It is now March of 2012, the forum now sees a daily of 15 members and we are still moving along fine but not as great. I feel the cause of the forum of it not being as great as it should that we lost so many good members to life. Life being school, work, real life things. It is now that with future and past viewing of this log, that I realize that the GF staff is cursed.

Yes you read right, cursed. Every good staff member had to leave due to life, school, work, responsibilities. You name it and the curse took them from the site, hurting GF and keeping it from its greatness. But such is life and I will continue to look for staff in hopes of one day assembling a wonderful staff team that would beat the curse.

---end of history v2-----

As the year 2012 got going and as things progressed everything remain fine and then E3 2012 finally happened bringing in a nice amount of traffic which moved on sadly after E3 ended, but not without some great members winning the E3 2012 contest.

This contest was the first of many to come, which others were cash prizes and game giveaways like KH 3D for 3DS. These contests will lead us to GF's biggest give away in its history, a Nintendo Wii U which after a long while @hissae2 managed to win.

With the contests going well I decided to focus my attention on other things like our website. I got @Marc to make a skin based on our custom GF darkness theme making it match the forum. After that @GreyHelm joined the forum and promised to write some articles as website staff. Remember that curse I talked about? Yep, you guessed it, after two months Greyhelm completely vanished and still have yet to hear a thing from him as of August 2013.

We now enter the year 2013 with things looking promising as this year I use a special mod to bridge our website and forum so that when you log onto the forum you are also logged into the website and it's thanks to members of Marc and @Memento Mori for keeping it fresh with topics.

For the year 2013 I made one promise to GF members, a video game giveaway every month. At first it was going well, but towards June activity and interest in the contest has grown lackluster and the monthly giveaway has been reduced to every other month thing with better prizes.

As I continue to strive to make GF better, with a much-needed review thanks to @AidsorHIV who suggested and advised many great things. I work hard towards 2014 to make GF better and to find it a better suitable hosting since our great hosting Empire hosting shut down.

---end of third history----

The year 2014, it’s the year I realize that GF activity isn’t to the right amount yet that I can host monthly contests for decent competitive results. I promised back in 2013 that there be a contest every month but with only a few members joining it became very clear I needed to shift resources to getting members and so I ended the monthly contests with a renewed purpose to work on gaining active members.

2014 thus far since the 2013 update has been rather quiet, we’ve gotten a lot of new staff which most didn’t work out (dat curse!). Trilient, Vyre and Mikaya are some of the people who attempted to help us but sadly backed out. Though @Super Bowser Bros has joined us as a global mod and has been doing a good job thus far.

2014 has been sprinkled with events, there was Smash Camp 2014 which with my help brought victory to GF’s representing cabin. Daily and Gaming chat boards were made to isolate the daily update discussion topics and we got ourselves a very nice E3 ad banner that I hope will be used a lot next year at E3 which E3 2013 was once again a nice turn out for GF.

And to finish off, all zero post accounts on GF were deleted sadly. Though we lost many people who took time to sign up I’m sure more will take their place sooner or later.

As I work late nights every day to make GF a huge forum I got by these words,

Other gaming forums will close but GF will never close its doors. One day, sooner or later they will all flock to Gamingforce and I will welcome them with open arms to the place for gaming news.

GF has seen a lot, hackings, spam attacks, trolls who I want to see if they got balls, if met in real life. We've had great GFX people here, people making games that have dropped out, a console repair service and a whole lot more all come and gone. It's my only regret that these things have not worked out for the best. But we are still online with many great members and hopefully soon one day GF will become the great forum it's meant to be, a place for an awesome gamer hangout.

End of 4th history.

The age of rebranding.

With a new admin team after Spirit warrior, our long time greatest admin leaving, we began to plan a rebranding of Gamingforce into Edge Gamer which was done by the current admins, Demon_skeith, @Martin and @Allan. This happened in late 2014 where we settled on a new name Edge Gamer and that we would switch to the forum software Xenforo from IPB. It took many months to plan and gather the resources needed for the biggest revamp in forum history.

As of the first week of August 2015 Gamingforce on IPB ended and Edge Gamer on Xenforo was born. Things were great for a short time, we had a very nice custom skin put up, the Xenforo addons were perfect for our gaming forum and overall, most of the members loved the site. Sadly a few staff resign came from this, as we lost Super Bowser Bros and Allan as staff.

Not long after the completed revamp, in the same month, we were contacted and threaten with legal issues of using the Edge Gamer name by a much larger forum that used the same name, but with an S added into its name. Not wanting any trouble (though wanted to fight it), I quickly renamed the forum once more, into Gaming Latest (which imo, is even better!).

This sudden name revamp crippled several of our preparations (such as the GFX) and for most of September we had to pick up the pieces of that and rebrand.

Now entering October, Gaming Latest works and strives on activity and advertising to achieve its activity goal.

End of fifth history.


The history of partnerships

The road to striving has been long and hard, Gaming Latest celebrated its tenth birthday on August 8th 2017, an achievement that so few sites ever get to. It is also during this time period that we merged with a site and blog setup called Gaming Reinvented which is run by the new admin @CM30. The added content and partnership with the blog only strengths our resolve in delivering the latest news in the gaming world in a friendly and safe website area.

As of August 8th 2017 Gaming Latest now celebrates its 11th birthday as an active forum! Which we now strive to revamp the site once more into GL v2 with many great things still on the horizon.

End of sixth history


As mentioned in the last history, we were working towards GL v2 which was finally achieved on June 1st 2019, the same month as another busy E3 and lots of great new looks and features for the forum. The months leading up to this version have been slow and sluggish but with v2 finally done, things have picked up a bit with things looking bright for the future. We have a new arcade in the works and lots of great features to come. GL also welcomes its new admin @King45Gamer in hopes of pushing the new features of v2 to get more active members. As Gaming Latest is now 12 years old, we looking forward to an upcoming fulfilling year.


It is now August 2021, Gaming Latest has celebrated its 14th birthday, an ever-growing achievement in the website world. Faced with growing threats of Discord and Guilded sites, we deepen our partnership with CM30's Gaming Reinvented discord in hopes of staving this off, however thinning ties with new GR discord admins, our partnership was terminated cold.

We have now partnered with Tiger21820 Tiger21820's site and discord Nintendo 3DS central and hope to add more to the partnership to grow out a network that will protect forums in this age of dying sites.

The site continues to benefit from its Xenforo software, adding tons of neat features and even recognized by Norton software itself as a safe gaming community!

The site keeps on going, hoping to increase advertising and reviews to gain the activity it deserves.

End of Seventh Update


2022! Year of the continuing pandemic, console shortages and the age of forums still gasping for breath, but in this year Gaming Latest achieves the greatest of all websites, its 15th year anniversary birthday!

During this year we have gotten several new staff and lost a few at the same time, the same old song and dance (and perhaps curse?)
Though something long since needed for the site, lots of great new smilies images added! Giving us a very custom look. Plus, we return a very old feature, a music player on our front page, not since the GF days did the site have host to any!

Other great additions are Social Groups to allow members to make their own focused board for discussion! These changes have started to increase daily member activity.

2022 remains a subtle year but a strong one that the forum continues to exist during these troubling times. But as I have finally gained a long-time dream job, the site’s future is further secured as we start shifting focus to more advertising, article posting and lots more to draw in the gamers of the future.

End eighth update.

Staff members of Gaming Latest

Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith- well what can I say about myself other then I am highly respected and run a great forum.

@REVOLVED - depenable admin whose ideas keeps driving the forum into the future.

Tiger21820 Tiger21820 Manager/Admin of our partnership, keeper of the money and good buddy!

froggyboy604 froggyboy604 - thanks bro, your help in the tech and off topic boards are greatly appreciated. Lover of asian music and tech he is the man to go to for any advice relating to that stuff and keeps the forum safe as head mod.

Artisan Vistra Artisan Vistra - The artest of mods, his skills are most graceful.

MisterBobbyPin Techno - current mod bringing on the latest techo groves!

DaBoss38 DaBoss36 - the boss of all bosses for mods!

Former Staff

@IntoxNitram - Did a great job and service of filling Spiritwarrior's vacant admin seat. His constant dedication to the site picks up the slack I leave behind and I truly appreciate his help now and forever!

@ToCool74 - a great mod and a cool friend.

@CM30 - Does a great job keeping an eye on the site and giving us a blog to call home with gaming news! his continued work will yield great future results!

@Allan – Became too busy for the forum life.

@Super Bowser Bros. – Did an excellent job as a mod but sadly grew inactive

MisterKalas ( @Spiritwarrior )- started out as admin of security but actually turned out to be a great advertiser for GF and bring many member to GF. Like all things though he finally had to retire.

DCoachM - GF's first vice admin who is here to help out with the work load!

@Joshua (Stosh)- thanks to joshuas coding GF will become a forum with features to satisfy anyone. Sadly he left on bad terms.

RedCarpetSugar - A true moderator of music, she is another mod who is here because she knows people. Nuff said.

@Typewriter- Thanks to GFX skills he has made many images for GF and for it's members. If typewriter ever makes something for you make sure you thank him.

madmax3- another great helper in the GFX. Make sure to thank him for his graphics.

Classic™- is another great helper in the GFX and I believe is currently on vacation....

@Seaofclouds- my rival in the arcade and biggest poster on the forum is the greats mod anyone could want.

@Kisame- a new mod but a great person to know and post with and is also a great RPer.

Sparky- I don't know much about you but thanks for helping Zero make the MMORPG and bringing something to the forum that will make it great.

Zero- The man who started it all but much later turned out to be the thing this forum needed for making arcade games and the upcoming MMORPG. Also without Zero we would not be here today (possibly).

ubertrance- creator and head of the uber game mods. A great person to post with but it is sad that he stop doing forums.

Kody- another mod but due to computer trouble I had no choice but to demod him.

Taylor- master of the Graphic Gamers and has great GFX skills. taylor has met the fate that we all fear and that is no longer be able to be online and still balance our real life's.

sonicodsc- well a good person but unfortunately disappeared.

The Reaper- a great fan of GF and active poster who was made mod. But was deployed to Iraq and is still alive and comes on a few times here and there. Please keep him in your prayers so that he comes back to us one day.

@Kita - A recent addition to the forum leading up to GL v2, Kita's work on the site helps keep it clean of spam.

Sincerem Sincerem - faithful mod that brought lots of posts
Thanks for writing this great post on "History of this forum V5", and mentioning me in your post.
But we are still online with many great members and hopefully soon one day GF will become the great forum it's meant to be, a place for an awesome gamer hangout.
I personally feel you have already achieved this Reading about the forum history and what u have done as an admin and as a strong person with goals I feel Like standing up and saluting u Sir

I would Like to mention to you that all ur hard work all that time u have been patient has paid off

The site looks amazing
very well organized
friendly staff
so many topics that makes every one interested to read and participate

thank you for having me with you

this is how it fels to be with a winning team :)
I personally feel you have already achieved this Reading about the forum history and what u have done as an admin and as a strong person with goals I feel Like standing up and saluting u Sir

I would Like to mention to you that all ur hard work all that time u have been patient has paid off

The site looks amazing
very well organized
friendly staff
so many topics that makes every one interested to read and participate

thank you for having me with you

this is how it fels to be with a winning team :)

Thanks! Glad I could keep a place going for folks!