1. Demon_Skeith

    History of this Forum v5

    Go into the past with Wayback Machine: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine use the urls: Welcome and salutations to a forum that has stood the test of time for over 14 years! As owner and administrator of this grand forum, I have chronicled all of this site's...
  2. Demon_Skeith

    History of this Forum V2

    Welcome and salutations to a forum that has stand the test of time for over 11 years! As owner and administrator of this grand forum, I have chronicled all of this site's history which you can read below. This is the history of Gamingforce, Edge Gamer and Gaming Latest. ---- This site is not...
  3. froggyboy604

    Ever installed website software like WordPress , phpBB, Invision onto your PC to use?

    No, I never ran website software like WordPress, phpBB, Invision, etc onto my PC to use, and test offline.
  4. froggyboy604

    Do most forums usually work better on mobile devices compared to blogs?

    In my experience, most forums including forums which don't use a mobile friendly themes work better on mobile devices. Forums usually don't have a large navigational sidebar on the left or right of the screen which can make reading them difficult on a lower resolution smaller display which is...
  5. froggyboy604

    Do you think you still need an internet connection at home to work on a forum or website?

    I think if a user are very poor, and don't have internet at home, or the user is homeless, there are some public places like the library, internet cafe, public school/college, and some places which let users use the internet and computer for free, or a small hourly fee like a few dollars per...
  6. froggyboy604

    Are people less likely to post more than one reply on a blog compared to a forum?

    In my experience, most commenters on blogs usually just post one reply per topic/post instead of more than 1 reply like on forums.
  7. froggyboy604

    Do you think forums & blogs are losing visitors to social networks, apps, video sites?

    I think social networks, mobile apps, video sites like YouTube or Netflix, and live streaming sites like Twitch could be one of the many reason that a lot of forums, and blogs are not as active today compared to a few years ago before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Myspace were as popular...
  8. froggyboy604

    Do you think Famous People Secretly run Forums Blogs?

    I think it is possible that some very famous people run a forum and blog to meet new people online who share the same interests like video games, music, etc. But, famous people may not use their real name, and tell their co-workers, the news, and their friends, and family about their forum or...
  9. froggyboy604

    Would you rather have more mobile or desktop web browser users coming to your forum, or website?

    I rather have more desktop web browser users coming to my forum, and websites like blogs since I think desktop web browser users probably spend more time on websites instead of a few seconds, and members on desktop browsers are more likely to post more quality topics, and replies instead of just...
  10. Demon_Skeith

    GL Monthly Update 12/1

    It's the final new month of the year! Whats on your Christmas list? And new updates on the official GL board. Welcome everyone, time for another monthly update and this time it will be a quiet update. First off is.... ---- Of the Month ---- Congrats to @froggyboy604 for making member of the...
  11. Demon_Skeith

    Site Review

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