How much will a Nintendo Wii cost today

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forum' started by Mr Prince, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Mr Prince

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    So I have a Nintendo Wii like the 2007 one the one before the Wii U I was wondering how much will it cost today like this year 2018-2019 if I sold it online will be worth more or less compared to what its worth back in the 2007 era. I need an estimate.
  2. テクニカル諏訪子

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    Depends on the state of the Wii (physical damage, etc.), the games it comes with, installed Homebrew yes or no, working condition (works fine? laggy? functional issues? etc.), and so on.
    Just age alone isn't reliable for 2nd hand goods.
  3. juulicob

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    I agree, it definitely depends on the condition and any extras included. In my experience, I've sold a Wii console with the cables, controllers and some extra accessories to a local video game shop. They paid $60 cash but store credit would have been more. According to the sold items on eBay, if that's the platform you choose to sell on, they also vary from $30-100 and some more because they include games, etc.
    I think it's mostly about how much one would pay for your item, and how high is the demand. Selling locally is usually easiest and you'll get the most profit since you're not dealing with shipping and fees.
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    Just for the console and in good condition, I'm seeing them selling (not sold) for around $50, anything with homebrew on it sells for a bit more.

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