How's the weather today?

It's super nice outside, it's 48* and my wife and I have all the windows open and there is a nice cool breeze coming in the windows. My wife and I like the cool weather.
Rainy, but tis that time of year and we need it.
Tomorrows gonna be near 60 again but rainy. Woo.
It's not too bad out today. The wind has died down, and the rain has stopped but it is cloudy. Yesterday we had gale force winds and a lot of rain and the wind made it cold so I am glad that has passed.
Today was hopefully the end of rain for a while. Even had hail earlier this morning.
We have had a drastic change overnight. We have a storm heading it at the moment which is causing wind and will also bring rain but temperatures today have reached 17 centigrade (around 62.6 F) and tomorrow it could reach 20 centigrade (around 68 F)
I can go outside in a sweatshirt today so it's just barely not too cold with the sun out.
It's very windy today as Storm Kathleen pushes through the UK today but it's not too cold at all and the sun has been shining so I can't complain.

We are at 62.6 F, but it did get warmer earlier in the afternoon.
Gonna be near 80 again today but its gonna rain again tomorrow....
Today is 62* with a real feel of 70* which makes it super nice outside. My wife and I have all the windows open in our apartment and are sitting back enjoying the nice weather.