Intel to focus on three areas of growth, none of which involve PCs


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During the company’s Q4 2015 conference call, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated:

“Taken as a whole, 2015 demonstrated the benefits of our strategy, which is designed to capitalize on the growing need for the infrastructure powering the smart and connected world. That strategy is also resulting and the evolution of our business model to focus on three keys areas of growth, the Data Center, the Internet of Things and Memory. Our results reflect that evolution.”

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It's sad that Intel is not focusing more on the PC which is still the most powerful electronic device which most users own in their home. Plus, the modern PC is still the most powerful Gaming, and entertainment device when you also install a fast video card like the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 video card on it which can play games at higher screen resolutions like 4K.

I feel the Internet of Things will not be popular with consumers in the near future because of privacy and security concerns of always-connected devices, and low ISP bandwidth limits where a lot of internet users are still limited to 100GB or less of download and upload bandwidth a month, so they are less likely to use the Internet of Things when they have low bandwidth limits. Users with low bandwidth limits usually also have slow internet speeds like 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds, so having too many devices like Internet Things connected would make watching online video, and online gaming even slower.

Plus, some of the Internet of Things companies maybe scams to get your data like your voice, video, pictures, and text which a internet device records to a server at the companies internet server, and the company sells your recorded data to other companies to use for advertising, and research.
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Well that sucks
There is always AMD which can make PC CPUs, but I think it is better to have more choices since Intel Chips are better for some games and programs while AMD is better for some other games, and programs. AMD is also usually best for people looking for a more affordable CPU since they are cheaper.

Intel also makes a lot of affordable CPUs for netbooks, Chromebooks, mini desktops, and laptops.