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How important is it to invest?

Do you think you’ll have a lot of investments when you’re older?

What kind of things would you invest in?

What things do you think are risky investments?

If you had just one dollar, what would you invest it in and why?

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I mainly save money for the future by spending less money, and depositing money in the bank. I'm not very interested in investing in the stock market or other forms of investing because they can be risky if the economy becomes worst, or a bad event happen like an accident or crime like fraud or insider trading committed at a company causes their stock to fall.

If I have more money, I would invest in classic/retro video games, game consoles, toys, electronics and computers because they can be fun to own, and can be worth more money in the future.
As much as I have wanted to invest many times, I have never found the perfect time to do so, at least not yet. Due to how life went for me which was not as planned, I am still working on being able to invest for a better future for me and my family.

If you can invest, I would for sure do so.
We only have our 401K through my husband’s work. We don’t do much else as far as investing. What are some good tips people can give to others?
USA. Some friends have some stocks & Roth IRA but we were told they can be high risk. Anybody know the difference between the Roth IRA & a regular one?
The way they take out taxes I'm pretty sure. There's only a certain amount you can take out that they won't tax.
You can't work for the rest of your life. This is where investments comes. They are what you build up for yourself to fall on when you can't drag yourself to work throughout the weekdays.