iPad Pro Outsold Microsoft Surface Tablet In Q4 2015


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Latest market estimates from IDC show that Apple’s first truly giant tablet, the iPad Pro, outsold the Microsoft Surface tablet despite the fact that it wasn’t even released before the middle of the previous quarter. The estimates peg iPad Pro sales at 2 million units against 1.6 million units for Surface in Q4 2015.

The accompanying report mentions that Microsoft actually sold significantly more units of the expensive Surface Pro tablet as opposed to the cheaper Surface 3.

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It's is impressive that the iPad Pro is able to outsell all the combined sales of Microsoft Surface models like the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, etc.

I think fewer people are buying cheap Surface tablets because companies like Dell, Acer, Asus, Efun/Nextbook and HP already make a lot of good cheap Windows 10 tablets. Plus, people who want a cheap tablet will most likely pick a Amazon Fire , or Google Android tablet which cost $50 or more for a decent tablet.

Both tablets seem to be selling pretty well. But, I think more people are picking the iPad Pro because it has more mobile touchscreen apps like Snapchat, and YouTube which are not available on the Microsoft Store.

The privacy concerns of Windows 10 may make more people pick an iPad Pro because of all the negative online tech blog articles about Microsoft Windows 10 privacy concerns which users have when using Windows 10.
iPads will always do well considering how many Apple fanboys/girls are you there.
I think iPads are doing better than the competition because of the huge library of entertainment related media like music, movies, TV shows, eBooks, eMagazines, and entertainment apps like games, photo sharing, and streaming video and audio apps which are available for iPad because Apple did a great job at convincing content creators to publish their content to iTunes, and the Apple App Store.

iTunes is also one of the most popular digital music, and video stores on the internet, and the Apple Apps store has many quality apps, and games.

Most tablet consumers care a lot about the entertainment value of tablets when buying a tablet because a lot of people use tablets to relax and for accessing entertainment content sort of like how most people buy game consoles and streaming devices like the Roku and Apple TV for entertainment purposes by accessing a large library of games, and video content.