Is Apple's New LEAKED Gaming System Coming at WWDC?!


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Apple's been working on a new GAMING System and we finally have some Massive LEAKS!

It would be interesting to see how good an Apple Gaming system will be.
Looks like a cheap knock off of a cheap knock off of a Switch.
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Looks like a cheap knock off of a cheap knock off of a Switch.

My thoughts exactly, it looks like Apple wants to try to see if they can capture the success the Switch has.
Going by their phone prices, you'll probably be able to buy all three main consoles with the money needed for this
Wonder if Nintendo lawyers will sue this due to "similar design" to the switch lol
Hopefully, Apple Gaming System would be affordable to most buyers. I feel people who wanted the recently discontinued iPod Touch may buy this Apple gaming handheld to play iOS games if they don't need an iPhone, and just want a small iOS device for playing games, and using apps.

I wonder if there would be multiple versions of Apple's game console which cost more or less money like the iPad with the iPad Mini, iPad and iPad Pro.
Wow, a standalone console to play on the Apple Arcade subscription service. What's that? I'm broke? Apple ain't cheap kids.
To me it looks like a glorified iPhone with extra buttons. :V I'm guessing it's going to try and compete mainly against the Steam Deck rather than the big three.
I feel Apple's Gaming Console would compete with the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and Google Stadia and Android gaming which let people play games away from home on a tablet, phone, and laptop devices.
I'm glad this didn't come to WWDC. I don't know that Apple will come with anything good. By good I mean it won't have very many good games there.
I feel it would be nice if Apple create a separate Apple game console conference if Apple ever releases a game console in the future.

Apple having a separate conference will give Apple more time to explain what type of features their console have, show people how to use accessories like controllers, voice controls, and motion controls. Apple also can show many trailers and gameplay videos for games which will come out for an Apple console.