Jide Remix IO $99 Android Mini-PC Game Console Settop TV box Demo and Intro Video


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A short demo of the Remix IO, an Android-powered TV set-top box, games console, and PC. Available for $99 on Kickstarter.

Remix IO is a 4K TV box that can browse, an Android gaming console that can chat and an Android PC that can turn on your lights.

Remix IO Kickstarter

Hopefully, the IO will be more successful than other Android game consoles like the Ouya and Madcatz Mojo from a few years ago.

I think the Remix IO is a better deal than a Roku, and Apple TV because the Remix IO has a lot of nice features, and uses Android TV as the OS which lets you easily run emulators, and non-Google Play apps on it if you know how to sideload apps from a USB drive or MicroSD card.

Remix IO Android PC and Game Console looks pretty good for $99. I'm surprised that it has a VGA video port which is useful for people with older HDTVs and PC monitors. I also like that it has an octa-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 4 USB ports, wired Ethernet networking, and is compatible with 4K TVs and can display 4K 60fps video.

I like that it has a TV mode, and Regular PC mode for using on a TV and standard PC monitor.
Only time will tell if it will be good.
seems to be cheap. I wait to hear in the next two years to see if they are good
seems to be cheap. I wait to hear in the next two years to see if they are good

I agree they are cheap.

I think in two years the Remix IO may have an upgraded version more RAM, storage, and a faster CPU because a lot of settop boxes like the Roku, and Apple TV get upgraded versions every few years to convince new buyers to buy them.

Remix IO reach its Kickstarter goal of $250000, and it currently raised almost $400000 with 25 days to go until their campaign ends.

There are almost 3500 Backers who think the IO will be good because they supported it on Kickstarter by backing it with their money.

I think the IO specs, and features are better than other $99 settop console boxes like the Roku because this console has 4 USB ports, a VGA port, and a faster processor and graphics chip.