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So I have a group of friends that are all PC gamers, and they're my social circle for the most part. However, we don't often play the games together for one reason or another. I want someone or a few people to play games -with-. Even when my group does play the same game we still play separately, a recent example is Palworld. I setup a private server and we all played on the server. Everyone had their own base, adventured independently and did bosses solo. There was very little teamwork. Occasionally we'd see each other in the world and that was about the extent of our interactions.

To be fair, I do think it's ok to play solo. I often do it. But I'm at a point where I'm playing multiplayer games solo with friends who are also playing solo, and no one really has any interest in playing co-operatively or running content together. I feel like I've come to realize these guys, while being my friends in real life, aren't exactly the best gaming buddies. I'm tired of feeling alone when I play games and it's honestly been causing me to not enjoy gaming anymore. Maybe I'm getting older and it's a dying hobby for me, I don't know. But I want to at least try to change things up before I come to that conclusion.

So that leads me to this post. I'm 32, married and have 3 kids. I work full time. I enjoy MMO's and multiplayer games, I enjoy the occasional shooter and really like RPG's/Action games. I'm primarily a PC gamer but I do have a PS5. I've been considering hopping back into Destiny 2 lately, but I'm down for anything.

Thanks for checking out my tinder profile: gaming edition.
lol tinder gaming profile. But uhhh, how the heck do you play MMO's with a full time job and 3 kids?
Well, my kids are not super young anymore, youngest is about to turn 11. It was definitely harder years ago. And my job I just transferred to a new position about 7 months ago that allows me a much more flexible schedule and more free time for better pay.

Before that I played maybe an hour or two a day if I was able? Wasn’t easy but still tried to make time for them.