Maru OS Review - A full desktop PC in a phone! Diginaut


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In the episode we take a look at Maru OS, a version of Android which is capable of launching a full linux desktop on an external monitor.

I like that Maru OS uses Debian Linux which runs pretty well even on slower computer hardware.
Looks good.
Looks like an interesting project. Would be cool to use my phone to run Linux with monitor/keyboard/mouse.
Wouldn't think overheat the phone like crazy?

Linux is more lightweight than Windows. Linux use less system resources like RAM, CPU, and video resources than Windows.

Debian Linux is very lightweight where it run on a PC which has a 1 GHz CPU , and 128MB of RAM according to its Minimum System Requirments listed on

If you run Debian in the command line user interface, you just need 64MB of RAM.

Debian is even more lightweight than Google Android, Apple iOS and other mobile operating systems which are becoming more RAM and CPU intensive.

But, Linux compatible programs like Libreoffice, Firefox, Chromium, and Gimp may make the smartphone overheat more if the programs need a lot of RAM, and a faster CPU to run smoothly.
This might be useful for some simple task. A pretty great project. What would it's main purpose?