Member of the Month Benefits


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Here on GL, there is a number of benefits that we offer to make your forum experience the best. One more benefit to add to our collection is Member of the Month.

Becoming MotM is simple, just make some high quality posts on the forum, be well recognized for your time towards the forum and getting lots of positive reps on your posts. All of these can be displayed or voted by the members in the MotM voting topic made in the middle of the month in the GL feedback forum.

What do you get if you become MotM? Well you get a few things:

  • 1000 forum points, which can be used towards anything in the store including the gaming credit.
  • A trophy marking your achievement
  • One entry into the end of the year drawing, the drawing for a free game of your choice!
  • Display your avatar image and a link to your profile in the side bar for all to see!

These benefits could expand in the future, so be sure to check back often! Just be a dedicated active member of the forum and you will become Member of the Month before long!
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