Microsoft doesn’t think USB-C is ready for the mainstream


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Even so, USB-C still seems like it ought to be de rigueur on any forward-looking laptop, especially one that is supposed to last you through college (and beyond). USB-C may not be perfect, but it’s good enough for Apple to switch over to it. Why not Microsoft?

Because it’s not good enough for Microsoft, says general manager of Surface Engineering, Pete Kyriacou.

I called him up as part of my ongoing series “USB-C is great but also a huge pain for a lot of people,” and Kyriacou admitted that it’s the latter part of that phrase that drove Microsoft’s decision to go with the more usual USB-A and Display Port setup.

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I agree that USB-C is not ready for most people since there are a lot of USB-C cables which may damage your tech because the cables are poorly made. A lot of people also still own USB-A devices like USB-A mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, and webcams which won't work on a USB-C port without a converter cable.
Isn't usb-c like a really tiny cable?
Isn't usb-c like a really tiny cable?

The plug for USB-C looks is a small rectangle with rounded corners. USB-C looks slightly bigger than Micro-USB. But, USB-C is reversible where you can plug it in upside down when it is in the horizontal position.