Microsoft Says 74 Android device makers Now Pre-Installing Its Apps; Acer Joins List


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Microsoft has announced that it now has 74 Android hardware partners in 25 countries, with Acer now joining that list. These OEMs either pre-install or will pre-install Microsoft apps on their Android smartphones and tablets. Acer intends to do so from the second half of 2016.

Starting with Samsung and Cyanogen last year, Microsoft in May last year had announced its partner program had hit 20 partners, which sees Android OEMs and software makers place Microsoft's Word, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Skype apps and services on their devices and platforms.

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I hope most of these Android devices with Pre-installed MS apps come with at least 32GB of storage, 3GB RAM, and a faster CPU like Tegra K1. I bet, all these MS Apps will use a lot of internal storage space, and may slowdown users devices if they are always running in the background to send and receive notifications, and syncing files.

Hopefully, these apps are uninstallable, or optional installs where you need to agree to download and install them from Google Play.

I think some users would be disappointed to find out that their tablet is now filled with a lot of Microsoft and Google Apps like YouTube, Google Play, and Maps which use up space, so they can't install as many big games because of a lack of space.
Well at least the software is getting around.