Xbox Microsoft teases Xbox Scarlet for E3 presser


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Microsoft is less than 24 hours away from unveiling its next-generation Xbox plans at E3, and the company has been hiding secret messages in its own teasers. Twitter users have noticed that each of Microsoft’s daily E3 countdown videos has a secret code hidden in the left-hand side of the video. The first, from a couple of days ago, has R 255, followed by G 36 in the second, and B 0 in the latest today. Together that forms the code RGB (255,36,0), the RGB color code for Scarlet.

Rumors have suggested that Microsoft is creating two new consoles under a general “Scarlett” codename, with a high-end console codenamed Anacondaand an Xbox One S equivalent codenamed Lockhart. It appears Microsoft is ready to talk about its Scarlett plans, as the company is teasing it freely in its E3 videos.
Microsoft hints at next-generation Xbox ‘Scarlet’ in E3 teasers