Motorola is dead! Long live Moto! And Vibe


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Before you start hyperventilating and breaking down, no, Lenovo isn't killing Motorola, the company. It is, however, practically putting an end to an iconic name that has spanned decades. The Chinese manufacturer will be retiring the "Motorola" brand in favor of the shorter "Moto" to slap on its high end smartphones.

Lenovo's strategy would be to put out Moto smartphones for the high end market while Vibe will be used for everything else, putting into question the fates of popular budget smartphones like the Moto G and Moto E. We'll know the answers perhaps when the Lenovo Moto X 2016 (or 2017) is unveiled.

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I wonder if Lenovo changed the name of Motorola to Moto and Vibe to make their phones sound more hip, and cool like Blu, and One Plus instead of using Motorola which is best known for making cable boxes, cable modems, regular cellphones, and headsets in the past.
I think I only owned one or two Motorola products, shame. Was a decent brand.
I owned a Motorola Cable Modem and Cable TV Box. I used both for over 10 years, and they work very well. Motorola's older regular cell phones, pagers, and communication headsets and walkie talkie radios also work pretty well.

Motorola, Apple, and IBM help create the PowerPC CPU which was used in many products like the Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, older Apple computers before Apple used Intel chips, and many other electronics and computer devices.

I also thought the Motorola Atrix Smartphone laptop dock was a good product in the past when mini external Bluetooth and USB keyboards were less common or non-existent for tablets, and smartphones.

It is a shame Motorola the creator of many good tech products in the past ended up being sold to Google and Lenovo, and now Lenovo discontinued the Motorola name to make their phones look more cool and modern by calling them Moto.