New iPad Mini Pro Expected To Arrive Soon


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The report claims that all four new iPads that are due this year will have the “Pro” branding. If that’s true, Apple’s 2017 tablet lineup will consist of the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and a brand new iPad mini Pro.

Apple is reportedly going to offer these tablets in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options with Space Grey, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold color options. Reports suggest that the new 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch tablets will be powered by Apple’s A10X processor while the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro is going to have an A9 processor.

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I think this is good news for people who need a more powerful version of the iPad Mini, but don't want a bigger screen like the iPad Pro which is too big, and expensive for them.

The iPad Mini Pro could be a popular version of the iPad Pro for iOS gamers who play a lot of iOS games.
Can't help but feel the 'pro' word is being over used these days.
Can't help but feel the 'pro' word is being over used these days.

Yes, the pro word is over used. Pro usually is short for professional/worker, so there are not many better words to describe something made for professionals. Most people who buy the iPad Pro Mini and iPad Pro will probably be workers like graphic artist or business workers who feel it is worth it to spend a few hundred dollars more on the pro version of the iPad.
I don't feel like the iPad Mini suits the Pro name at all, as you would usually associate the mini brand with more budget iPads.

I agree, the iPad Mini does not suit the Pro name. I think the iPad Mini is seen as a more affordable iPad competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, and Google Nexus 7 which were all cheaper $200 7 inch tablets. The original iPad Mini was basically an iPad 2 with a smaller 7.9 inch screen. But, uses the same specs from the iPad 2 instead of using faster parts from the more expensive iPad 3.

Maybe using Apple's S brand would be better for the iPad Mini like the iPhone 6S which is faster and a few more features than the older iPhone 6.

But, Apple may believe that more people would buy the iPad Mini if it uses the Pro brand instead of the S brand, or creating a whole new brand like the 5C which did not do very well, or the iPhone SE which is like the iPhone 5S, but with faster parts.