New MacBooks ready to ditch Intel processors, macOS code suggests


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Apple’s relied on Intel chips to power its Mac computers since 2005, but that partnership could be coming to an end. A bit of code in macOS Sierra suggests the Cupertino company is gearing up to use its ARM-based processors instead.

The macOS kernel, which Dutch site TechTastic took some time to dig through, adds support for a new CPU family called “ARM Hurricane.” Apple’s given its recent ARM-based Ax chips similar codenames (A7 was Cyclone, A8 was Typhoon and A9 was Twister). Hurricane might be an unannounced sequel, or it might even be the A10 Fusion processor introduced with the iPhone 7.

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I bet, Apple no longer wants to share their earnings with Intel by buying Intel CPUs which is the one of the most expensive part in most laptops like Macbooks.

If Apple uses their own Apple ARM CPU, they can earn more money, and even lower the price of their laptops because they don't need to buy expensive CPUs like the Intel Core i7 to install in Macbooks.

This new Macbooks with non-Intel CPU may also be a cheaper Macbook model designed for schools and small businesses which usually buy cheaper $200-500 Windows, Chromebook, and sometimes Linux laptops to save money.
I wonder if it will mean a increase or decrease in the mac devices?
I wonder if it will mean a increase or decrease in the mac devices?

I think if only one version of the Macbook has an Apple ARM CPU, there should be an increase of Mac devices because Apple maybe able to sell an Apple ARM CPU Macbook for less money if the new Apple CPU is designed for less intensive users who mainly do task like office work, web browsing, watching video, listening to music, social networking, and basic video editing.

But, if all Macbooks were replaced by Apple ARM CPU there maybe a decrease of users, a lot of gamers, computer programmers, technical workers, and tech savvy users will not get the Macbook because they need to dual-boot into Windows, and some Linux operating systems which only are compatible with Intel, AMD, and VIA x86 and 64bit CPUs.

I read in comments on blog posts about mobile CPU posts that Mobile/ARM CPU found on devices like smartphones, tablets, and cheaper computers like Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi don't have the performance to run big games like Grand Theft Auto 5, and desktop software like MS Office or Photoshop. People who need a powerful laptop will most likely stick with a laptop with an Intel, and AMD CPU.
I actually meant in that sentence the performance of the devices with Intel being removed (need to proofready more :squint:)

I think the performance would be about the same as some Intel's mobile CPUs found in current Macbooks since Apple's iPad Pro chip is almost as fast or faster than Intel CPUs found in some Macbook and Macbook Air according to reviews I read on tech blogs.

The performance may also be slightly faster since a lot of laptop CPUs made by Intel, and AMD slow itself down to prevent overheating when it gets too hot, so if Apple's CPU does not get as hot as Intel CPUs, it may run faster because the chip is not slowing down to prevent overheating.