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Here are some links to various features on Nintendo 3DS Central forums! Keep in mind that some features require you to have made 200 posts on the forum (All Moderators and Co-Administrators are exempt from this requirement), so make sure to get to posting those! ;)

There will be a topic listing various features for Gaming Latest over there as well!
The topic is over here: Links to Gaming Latest Features! - Nintendo 3DS Central

Also, the link to the forums: Nintendo 3DS Central - Forum Central

mChat (Requires 200 posts to leave messages!):
mChat is a chatting feature! What else is there to say?

Ultimate Points:
Ultimate Points is a point system very much like the one used here! It has a bank, a lottery, and a robbery feature!
Main page:

Play hangman! Create and solve puzzles and score points! Can you beat 20000 points? There is a reward for the first member to do so! Also, there are 2 hangman games, so there are two rewards!

Hangman contest thread: Hangman Contest! Create and solve as many puzzles as you can, and score 20000 points! - Nintendo 3DS Central

Play a Yachtzee game! Try to score more than 2000 points in a single game! Get a reward for being the first one to do so!

Knuffel contest thread: Knuffel Contest! Try to score 2000 points in one game! - Nintendo 3DS Central

Knowledge Base (Must have 200 posts to post articles without approval!):
Find various information about video games and other things, may it be tips, tricks, passwords, whatever! Or just post your own articles with your own information!

DM Sinkship:
Play Battleship against the computer!

Solve puzzles of various images! You can request additional images to be added as puzzles in the Feature Requests forum!

Nintendo 3DS Central Blogs! (Must have 200 posts to post blogs unapproved!):
Read and post blogs!

YouTube Video Gallery:
Post links to your favorite YouTube videos, so everyone can see them! Or post the ones YOU uploaded!

Download System (Must have 200 posts to upload files!):
Download or upload files!
Upload (Must have 200 posts!):

DM Quotes Collection:
View or post your favorite quotes!
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